Monday, July 29, 2019

Murphy | Anniversary | Mississippi Adventure & Elopement Photographer

When another photographer trusts you to capture some memory, some milestone, some event; that is the biggest ego boost that I will ever experience. To know that someone out there who has immense talent in the same field trusts you implicitly is just insane. In the best way imaginable.

Months and months past, I announced my waterfall sessions and Hadonica responded immediately; wanting all the details, even though I didn't have them hammered out at the time, amateur of me, I know.

Through some major planning, hiring sitters, taking off work and the stars and moons and Jupiter FINALLY aligning, we were able to plan and shoot their anniversary session; and it was monumental.  I've said it at least a thousand times, but it's sessions like this that fill me up. This is why I do what I do. To document it. It being the love, the emotion, the realness, the rawness that is being in a committed long term relationship.

These waterfall sessions make my heart so happy, it could just burst! I have one more date for waterfall sessions THIS FALL and then they won't be offered again until next spring.

If you're interested in learning more about my adventure sessions; CLICK HERE

As always, thanks for reading. Thanks for following along. Thanks for investing in my work.
It means the world to me.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Havens | Birth | Mississippi Birth Photographer | Clarksdale, Mississippi

Birth stories are near and dear to my heart. Watching a couple become a family, or watching the mama of 2 become a mama of 3; I will never tire of the wonder and the miracle that is birth.

Ever since I met Mari Morgan and Forrest, we clicked. The day we first met I thought to myself, ' I'm not getting rid of them' and I'm so glad I didn't. When clients become friends is something that I can't explain. It's like magic. As an adult, it's hard to make to new friends. It just is. It's refreshing to meet people that just want to be your friend, no ulterior motives.


Birth is beautiful chaos.
I thrive on chaos.
And birth is something that I gravitate towards; I think it's mesmerizing and stunning and such an honor to be able to not only birth babies, but be their mother as well. God's plan are infinite and abundant and I'm blessed. Even more so that I was asked to document this birth.

As birth tends to be, some unpredictable things happened, but the end result is the same. A beautiful, healthy baby and a mama who would do it a million times over because her baby is perfect.

Enjoy baby Mac's birth story...

Mac is so loved. So so loved. By so many people. And he doesn't even realize it yet.

**Can we take a minute and talk about how BAD ASS c-section mama's are? Major surgery to birth your baby + taking care of a BRAND NEW HUMAN + while recovering yourself. Y'all are the real MVPs, no doubt.

If you're a c-section mama and want to participate in a new photo series I'm doing, please CLICK HERE, just put something along the lines of 'I'm a badass in the subject line.'